Traders Vista Scam Review: Is It a Legit or Not?

Company Overview


Outcome: SCAM!

Warning: This review was made before it was understood 100% that Traders Vista is indeed a scam. If you have lost money to Traders Vista, make sure to report the scam immediately to your police and online as well. You can report a scam with our form or through the chatbot.

The website shows on the homepage prominently: “Traders Vista – Binary Options & Bitcoin Mining The Easy & Secure Way”. But is it true?

What is Traders Vista?

Traders Vista is a very new company. It was registered in the autumn of 2016 but has only recently started its business. What kind of binary options are offered by Traders Vista? Traders Vista has the following offers on offer: Cash-settled options on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and more (through a trading platform) Binary options on futures Sugar option on STOCKS How to put money on Traders Vista? Traders Vista is offering two options: Option 1 – A Cash-settled Binary Option. You pay $49 to make a cash-settled binary option on Bitcoin at price of $14,790 or the price of $18,670, whichever is lower. After a price adjustment of $27, a total of $77 will be given to you. This option is supported in the US, Europe, the UK, Russia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Traders Vista Scam Review

Traders Vista Scam Review: Is It a Legit or Not? Traders Vista Scam Review: Is It a Legit or Not? A number of traders have contacted us regarding traders Vista and their binary options, so I decided to do some research regarding this firm. According to their website, the binary options trade is based on the XBT/USD, providing quick and easy, profitless trades and binary options for Bitcoin and binary options for Ethereum. There are many concerns being raised about these types of trades and the actual funders of this binary options trading firm and the purpose of their fund are still being questioned. The binary options XBT/USD account has a balance of $0.0008877155 with its current balance being $0.005538757.

Who is behind the Company?

When you scroll down the website, you will see the logo of a company (according to the website it is FSE-X Trading) with the name “Vista Trading Solutions”. However, the name and address of the company ( are taken from other companies registered in Cyprus: Although the name of the company and its logo are the same, the company which registered the trademark in Cyprus is “Vista Trading Solutions” and according to a Google search the company was registered in 2015. The link in the “About Us” section of the website leads to a Facebook page. This is likely the account of the company, which shares the same name and logo as the one shown on the website.

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

No clear answer from the site as to the hourly fees or what customers must be able to afford. Currently, the company is selling a 6-month plan of $2,500 USD. Another plan offers 12 months for $8,000. But will you be able to pay? For example, the 9-month plan was $1,800, but the company pulled it after it received complaints about not having the funds. So, you must realize that you must be ready to invest before you join. Why Opt for Binary Options & Bitcoin Mining Plan? When you see the logo above, it has a Bible verse: “A man’s enemies shall be they of his own household”. Therefore, the website uses a biblical story to let you know the dangers of binary options trading. It says the biblical patriarch Abraham’s nephew Lot had a son called Canaan.


We found numerous fakes sites, many of which offered bitcoins and binary options, and a lot of them are circulating high volumes of messages and high number of visitors. Since these types of scam are so easy to find and are great for mass marketing, this can easily lead to a huge number of victims. It is highly recommended to always find trusted companies that offer reliable services to clients and learn from the experiences of those who have been involved in such fraud cases. A lot of binary options traders told us that they started out well and even got to the first steps towards making a profit but stopped and didn’t do anything after receiving the first instructions.

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